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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

There's my greatest problem with OMD, past the handling. DEWLine is right about Emil Johnson's being right--JQ or someone would float 'MJ dead/gone', and the fans, feeling that their opinion was being asked, said 'No Thanks' if not 'No Way', and the issue went down. In fact, several comics people I've read over the years said 'No MJ' was the way. It got to be like a mantra, and I have never seen a greater divide between the comics' creative community and the readers, who tended either actively pro-MJ or least pro-status quo.

Geez, even the hated Tony once used a WWW-thingy to erase his ID from people's minds. He couldn't have done it for Peter, whose life he destroyed? I say Tony destroyed it, because his threat was, if Peter didn't unmask, he would out him anyway.
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