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Re: Small 2010 update - covers and titles

Thrawn: I can't speak for Christopher, but I live by Google Image Search, when it comes to hunting up reference. Well, and (where I buy all the stock I use for freelance, as well as a chunk of web and video work we do at my day job).

Christopher: Thanks for IDing the "The Man Trap" cap! I have now rushed back over to PhotoShop...

Dayton: Part of the geek joy of being a fan who also gets to play with licenced properties!

My goal is actually to do book covers someday (currently at my day job I don't get to do much print design, but freelance I'm designing little bits and bobs for DAW for Seanan McGuire's Toby Daye series, and I do both her and Claudia Gray's websites, along with RJ Anderson and the odd eBook cover now and then). I need to build up a better portfolio of work, tho. Graphics-wise, anyway. I co-edited a Doctor Who essay book called Chicks Dig Time Lords for a small press that's coming out in March.

Two of my best mates in the UK do work for Doctor Who and Blake's 7 licences, and one of them had literally my dream project, designing the The Wit and Wisdom of Gene Hunt books for Bantam's Life on Mars tie-ins.

When people see all my tweets about vector blood spatter, a lot of them assume it's for fun--which it is, just luckily fun I get paid for!
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