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Re: "Similitude" : Line-By-Line!

Phlox: "To harvest it's neural tissue for transplant."

As he's speaking, Archer turns his back on Phlox and moves in closer to Trip's unconscious form.

"There's no guarantee that human DNA will stimulate the larvae's growth cycle, but... as it stands now it may be Commander Tucker's only hope for survival.

To ensure the tissue's compatibility, I'll have to wait until the simbiot reaches Commander Tucker's present physical age, then I can excise the tissue from a non-critical region of the simbiot's cerebral region."

Archer faces Phlox, clearly fathoming the magnitude of what his Doctor is proposing and weighing it against his own morality.

"It would experience no discernable side effects and should be able to live out it's normal life span."
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