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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

Or ... wouldn't it be simpler to try and install ST New worlds on a USB pen drive (of say 4GB's) which was formated to FAT32 instead of re-formatting your much larger HDD partition?

One more thing.
Star Trek Armada 1 and 2 seem to be having problems with systems over 2GB of RAM.
I recently tried to run Armada 1 (patched with 1.2 v) with the Millenium mod, and ran into a problem of the progress bar not moving at all when trying to start a Single Player mission (this issue was reported even without any mods installed).
Granted, I have 4Gb Ram and a Win7 x64 Ultimate OS.
Am trying right now to compensate for this this issue with the msconfig manipulation and setting the RAM to 2GB.
Hopefully this will limit the OS recognizing only 2GB of RAM and ultimately the game itself.
I'll report back soon.


Well actually, only Armada 1 has issues on systems with over 2GB of RAM.
Armada 2 runs fine on my system (though it requires compatibility mode with XP SP2 apparently in order to avoid the 50MB memory error).

I just opened msconfig.ini and forced windows to utilized only 1 cpu and 1.5GB of RAM.
Upon next restart, my OS still detected 4GB of RAM, however, it stated that only 1.5GB was usable.
And seeing the Task Manager 'Performance' tab showing only 1 CPU along with 1.5GB RAM was quite interesting - bordering on amusing.

But Armada 1 resumed with it's blinking during the attempt to start a single player campaign and of course ultimately stopped responding.

It would appear the only viable solution is to remove 1 of the RAM sticks and test the game like that, because the OS was still able to detect 4GB (but only use 1.5GB).
So we are in the ballpark of the game detecting the amount of total RAM (and not just usable RAM).

The only other solution without removing the RAM stick of course would involve using a Virtual Machine with Windows XP for example (32bit) and ordering the VM to limit RAM detection and use to say 1.5 or 2GB, and run older games like that.

I'll try to find alternative options under Windows 7 x64 (and likely x86 users) for those of us who have 4GB of RAM so we don't have to resort to removal of the RAM sticks or VM.

Though I have to admit that the initial idea was valid.
It still might be ... I just have to find a way to prohibit Windows from detecting the unusable RAM.


Forget Virtual Windows setup.It can't run games such as Armada.
The gpu emulation is set automatically to S3 ... and that is of 0 use to us in this situation.
If anyone else has any ideas on running Armada 2 on a system with 4GB of RAM, let me know.
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