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Re: White Collar (USA)

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I'm already hooked. I hope to be able to watch Numb3rs on CBS' web site (no sign of the Friday's full episode so far this weekend ).

Good cast, lots of chemistry and yeah, I can imagine Neal having an easy time of it (good looking, charming, smart and a quick learner).

Love the cast. I'm a big Chuck fan, so I'm still getting used to not hating Matthew Bomer (but that should be pretty easy). And Tim DeKay is always great.

I was surprised by how big Tiffany Thiessen got. But she still looks totally great.
Ya the cast is awesome, totally agree and they work really well together, the report between DeKay and Bomer totally works.

New epi tonight BTW, and eps are online like I've been telling my friends, so there's still plenty of time to get into the show.
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