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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Once again, with feeling: Starship Exeter is a great show. Whenever, where ever, the final chapter is released, we will all be grateful... well, most of us. All fan productions are a gift to the Trek community, and we should respond, as with any gift, with appropriate gratitude and modesty.

If you NEED fan Trek, and can't bear the wait... watch other fan Trek. I have a collection of well in excess of 200 fan films which you can access through my website. That does not mean I am not very interested in the final part of Exeter... it just means I have access to other fan Trek, and I watch that in the meanwhile.

Access the website is in the upper right hand corner just below the title:
For Fan Trek Newbies, through Quick Pick Treasures
For Fan Trekkers who think they've already seen all 200+ films, through my Table of Contents.
For Fan Trekkers who have already explored my website, through Headline News, which tells of the major additions to the website just this month. And I've added a lot this month!... with a lot more coming in the next two weeks, as I'm preparing a guide to a large animation website with many Trek animations, and Phase II's latest episode will be released Nov. 20!

Go thee, and watch Fan Trek, and cease your unwarranted attacks on these kind people, who only see to do thee good and not harm ...
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