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DS9: It's ironic, that despite the shows' conscious attempt to do things different than its predecessors, I still wound up liking the shows' big three - Odo, Kira and Sisko - the most.
I wasn't aware that DS9 had a big 3, certainly not in the same way that you had Kirk/Spock/McCoy on The Original Series or Archer/T'Pol/Trip on Enterprise.
You're correct in saying that DS9 did not have a Big Three in precisely the way that TOS or ENT (or even , but it's incorrect to say they didn't have a Big Three. DS9's characters arcs were partly written as parallels to what went on with specific worlds within the show - Earth, Bajor, Cardassia, The Klingon Homeworld as well as The Federation and The Dominion - as well as overall themes the show chose to explore. No three characters experienced as much in that respect, and affected as much, as Sisko (connected to The Prophets/Bajor, Geopolitical twists and turns, Fed policy, Family issues, etc) Kira 9Bajor/Cardassia, exploration of faith,resentments and enmity, how one overcomes that, etc), and Odo (the primary "other" character, underwent the most self-revealing and learning, explored how "justice" is served, xenophobia, connected to Dominion, etc.).

To be honest, as much I love DS9, I find that this idea that DS9 had no real central characters (as if ensemble cast meant every character were of equal importance, or equally affected the series), and that there was no Big Three, more of a provisional truth that is exaggerated by fans to emphasize how different DS9 was/is than other Treks.
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