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Re: Do you think T'Pol...

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If T'Pol were to return, I think it'd work better if she weren't played by Jolene Blalock (just as Kirk is not Shatner, Spock is not Nimoy, etc.) but an elderly actress playing an elderly woman to fit the elderly 170-year-old Vulcan she'd be right now. Basically the reverse of T'Pau in the Kir'Shara trilogy, where she's a new character to the general audience, who, if she came back, would have a new storyline self-sufficient within Trek XII... but her presence and name would be a tip of the hat to the longstanding fans.
I could accept that but only because being elderly always looks much better than being made up to be elderly.
So true, due to the horrible, totally unconvincing aging makeup we usually get to see. I can't think of a single movie or show where it actually looked reasonably convincing.
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