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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

hHeya! Late to the party, but thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an Old School fan, but crazy in love with the new film. I've spent the last 6 months geeking out and writing fanfic over on LJ, and decided to check out the boards here, since I recognised a lot of folks from the AdAstraFanfic forums.

Since falling head over heels for Pike in the new film, I've renewed my childhood love of TOS, and actually gone back and rewatching chunks of the series and have been re-reading all my Trek novels frm my teens, and have built up a kinda scary collection of "All Things Pike and Number One" lately. God bless IDW for repritning the Early Voyages comics! So they're my Happy Place at the moment.

Next up this winter will probably be a DS9 rewatch, and I've a friend who just moved to town who has never seen the Manny Coto years of ENT (which was when I came back, having bailed during first series due to Braga's Vulcans) so I'm sort of in a happy Trek place for the first time in ages.
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