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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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I've recently had the opportunity to read the first three Brand New Day trade paperbacks, and though I hate the way they got here, I'm rather enjoying what they're doing. The BND issues recapture the fun of the Stan Lee era, complete with editorial asides and in-jokes and an often-tenuous fourth wall. The storytelling is interesting, with some big things happening that play with long-standing elements of the mythos in unexpected ways -- Jameson losing the Bugle, Spidey's paraphernalia being stolen and used by criminals, Peter becoming a paparazzo, etc. The new villains aren't bad, and it's nice to see the return of some golden oldies like the Enforcers. And it has all the old Lee touches of Spidey having to deal with real-world concerns like damage to his costume, struggling to make ends meet, and so on. The Bar With No Name for the supervillains, with them taking bets on the outcomes of superfights, is a cute idea. And there are some very nice bits of writing here and there; I loved the one with the "mystical blizzard" where Spidey got help from a homeless guy, then tried to get him out of danger by sending him for "reinforcements" -- only for him to show up later with a small army of homeless people who came to Spidey's rescue.

I still think they've lost a lot by erasing the marriage and Peter's teaching job and eliminating Aunt May's knowledge of Peter's dual life. And I still think the way they chose to bring about the reboot was awful. But these are good, entertaining stories.
Couldn't agree more. Hate how they got there, but kind of like where they're going, now they're there.

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I also liked the Paul Jenkins stuff that was running simultaneously with the JMS run on ASM. Jenkins worked within the married-Spidey continuity but had much the same kind of lightness, wit, and large-ensemble storytelling as BND. Which leads me to believe we could've had something like BND without the whole Mephistophelean reality reset.
Oh man, I loved those Paul Jenkins stories. I think my favorite was the one about Peter remembering all the Mets games he and Uncle Ben used to go to. A poignant little story that made you remember why you love those characters. (I really need to track down the trade paperback containing those stories....)
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