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That said I think the armistace at the end of the first Cylon War should have ended the hatred the Cylons had for Man. The Cylons fought for their freedom, and they won. They should have let it go at that point, but they did not. Then again if they had done that we would have had no show and that would not have been very fun would it?
I was under the impression that the Cylons had moved on, but then Cavil gained power and attacking the Colonies was his idea due to his own hatred of humanity.
True it did all seem to stem from Cavil, but he had to convince the other skinjobs that it was the right thing to do. I mean they had to have had a vote right? I wonder if any of the skin jobs advocated against the war or if that vote was unanimous? Did perhaps some of the skinjobs want to simply occupy the Colonies from the beginning and rule over humanity like they did at New Caprica?
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