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How old was he supposed to be then??
121, according to memory beta. Not much of a stretch, considering that Archer (five years older than Trip) was still alive in ST XI, and according to that computer screen seen in "In a Mirror Darkly," Archer died in 2245, at age 133 (still younger than Bones was in "Encounter at Farpoint").
WELL THEN.. obviously Trip and T'Pol are living on some colony world. Together. Not blown up.

Does this mean we get to see TRIP in STXII?!
Whoops, looks like I've overseen one thing. The destruction of Vulcan occurs in 2258, which could mean that in the prime universe Archer died from an unnatural cause (2245), in some accident that never happened in the new timeline (perhaps in the prime timeline, Robau killed him ).

Still, if Archer is still alive in ST XI at the age of 146, 141 year old Trip could easily still be alive too.
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