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Re: Cast T'Pol's father

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T'Pol's (Romulan?) dad?
There's speculation amongst some fans that T'Pol's dad was a Romulan -- I think it came from her mother's dying words (I don't recall exactly what she said, but I think it was something about there being a reason T'Pol always had more difficulty suppressing her emotions than most Vulcans). There's no proof one way or the other, but some people think the issue might have been followed up in later seasons had the show not been cancelled.

As for me, I've never given much thought to who would play T'Pol's father (if he ever showed up, alive or in flashbacks). Kurtwood Smith is an interesting choice -- he's played an Efrosian, a Cardassian, and a Krenim; it might be neat to see him as a Vulcan/possible Romulan.
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