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Re: Not Sure If This Has Been Asked Or Not

I would love to see extended, newer battle scenes--even though DS9's FX scenes, of all Treks, probably need the attention the least, the end result would be the most kickass.

Nerys Ghemor wrote:
It would be AWESOME if they could add in new material. I think that what could be done with the Battle of Cardassia these days would be unbelievable. My contention is that we should get a flyover of the planet at the very end instead of just the matte shot...that would REALLY drive the point home.
Hell yeah.

Also, why just the Dominion War? I want to see fifteen minutes worth of the Battle of the Omarian Nebula. Maybe a final shot that shows the crippled flagship warbird (flagbird?) being hauled off, to set up In Purgatory's Shadow. I also wanted to see the Defiant and Lakota punish each other more severely. And more hopeless fighting at Wolf 359!

WotW is pretty much fine as is, but seeing a big space fight between the KE and CU would have been neat, although it would possibly screw up the pacing.

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