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Casting reality

Over the years, there have been tons of instances of actors playing real people in movies. Sometimes, when I see a famous person, I automatically know who should play them in a movie, even if I cannot possibly fathom why anyone would make a movie about them. Here's some famous people and who I would cast to play them:

John Grisham (novelist)-- Michael Moriarty

Gore Verbinski (director of Pirates of the Caribbean)-- Jason Bateman

Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files)-- Peter Keleghan with a white wig

Although they are actors themselves, I think that if you were ever to make a movie about Quentin Tarantino & Eli Roth and they couldn't play themselves, they should be played by David Hewlett & Zachary Quinto.

What about you folks? Which actors would you cast to play real people?
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