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Re: Small 2010 update - covers and titles

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Too true - being rubbish at thinking up titles I did once sign on the dotted line of a contract where the title was "I'll think of a title when it's finished, honest"
The title on the contract for what ended up being Open Secrets was "TBD."
Oh, I've had "TBC" as well. But that's just somehow not as unique...

For our next Vanguard book, the current title, out of respect for Steve Mollmann and his love of long, old-school unwieldy titles, is The Taurus Key: A Crystalline Fairy Tale, Founded Upon The Mysteries of the Shedai and the Oppression of Their Servants. It Was Written for Kollotuul, But Others Should Read It.
I'm guessing the first three words are most likely to make it to the printed cover...
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