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Wolverine Old Man Logan

So after months of anticipation I finally got to read the trade collection. It's written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven the same super team that made the Civil War event. I love Mark Millar (Civil War, Wanted, Wolverine Enemy of the State) and McNiven is probably my favorite current artist, and it's Wolverine in a post-apocalyptic super-villain ruled world, so my expectations were high!

Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed. Not that it was bad mind you, but I expected a real knock out of the park. I think my main problem is that the story doesn't build to anything. Hawkeye is smuggling a top secret package to DC but that doesn't go anywhere. The villains teamed up and killed all the heroes but that doesn't go anywhere. The mysterious "President" ended up not being important.

I thought I read that this series was going to tie into the Marquis of Death from Millar's FF fun, but there's zero connection.

While the art was amazing, there was WAY too many splash pages. I read this thing in a hot second. That felt like a little of a cheat. Plus, the hardcover is over-sized and costs extra.

I was also hoping to see a bunch of the surviving super-villains, but we only get the Hulk and the Red Skull. That's it. It's too bad because the off-screen story of the fall of the heroes sounded so much more interesting a story.

Also, Wolverine has taken a vow of non-violence and spends almost the entire story following it. Another disappointment.

I'm starting to worry about Millar's work. I found the end of his FF run, which was up to that point stellar, to be immensely disappointing and anti-climactic. And now this.

Has anyone read the third linked story, "Marvel 1985"? Is it any good? Does it link to the Marquis storyline?
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