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Re: Small 2010 update - covers and titles

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So why a title and cover change on Stern's book? Does title change come from writer or editor?
It depends. I have no idea what the story is in this case, but all sorts of people get involved in the title process, and there are a million possibilities.

Maybe his agent suggested the new title. Maybe some guy in the marketing department. Or the publisher's cousin. Maybe somebody thought the title was too similar to another book on the list. Or maybe the author just changed his mind.

There's no hard and fast rules here. Just people making stuff up as they go along, and having lots of meetings.

And, a lot of the time, the early titles are just "placeholders" for the real title which nobody has come up with yet.

"Let's just call it DARK VENGEANCE for now. We'll think of something better when the time comes . . . ."
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