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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

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7. Val Kilmer, like Jones is a decent actor...most of the time. I honestly forget he ever played Batman. He doesn't register, not even as Bruce Wayne.
Kilmer sort of ends up as the George Lazenby of the Batman universe. Everyone remembers Keaton, we all know Bale because he's the current guy, and Clooney made a dent just by virtue of how awful Batman & Robin was. Kilmer was just there, and was totally overshadowed by his costars. Even with Nicholson hamming it up in Batman, and DeVito being grotesque and Pfeiffer vamping in Returns, Keaton always managed to carve out a space for himself in those films. Kilmer was literally overwhelmed by Carrey and Jones (and even O'Donnell to a certain degree).

I enjoyed Forever when it was first released (I was 15 then), but it hasn't held up at all. Burton's take on Gotham as a city may have been grotesque and brooding and Gothic, but at least it looked like it was tethered down to reality on some level. In Forever, you start getting the ludicrously tall buildings, and the ludicrously tall elevated highways to go with them, but even that pales to the ri-goddamn-diculousness of Gotham in Batman & Robin (elevated highways miles off the ground, an observatory in the palm of the hand of a ginormous fucking statue). The production design was just obnoxious on every level... neon and lasers and smoke, the "organic" look of Batman's new vehicles, the Batmobile actually rising out of the ground on a giant spinning platform. Meh.
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