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Re: It is a Significant Assigment: Completed

It is a Significant Assignment

Lt. Mack King peeled off his suit again. This was the third time since he returned to the MSORR duty station he had to go into the OC. The chronometer reminded him it had only been 2 days since the great adventure of his first command. Now he was back at the bottom of the ship. Literally.

“You have to be kidding”, Mack said to the nearest wall. “I saved the darn ship, blew up a D7, and all I get is 6 more weeks of this duty. Give me a Bullford broom and let me clean the hull instead of doing this crap.”

As he got out of the shower and put a clean uniform on, it became very clear that he had no future in Starfleet if his position had sunk this low. Maybe he could go home and work on the farm again; at least he knew he was qualified to shovel manure.

He heard the ceremony where Kyle and Chief Mauer were awarded medals for their work. “At least Kirk read my report,” Mack thought bitterly. “I’m glad for them.”

“Captain Kirk to Lt. King.”

“What?” Running over and clicking the toggle, “King here, sir,” as he stared into the face of his captain.

“Mack, please come up to my office, Commander Spock and I would like to have a conference with you about your report.” With a big smile, Kirk said: “You are relieved of current duty. Kirk out.”

Two hours later….

A young, shapely blonde wearing the stripes of a Lieutenant in Engineering red strode out of turbolift 27 and turned toward a small control center. Putting a small data chip in a receptacle just below a flashing light on the panel, she looked up at her boss, Commander Montgomery Scott, as he began: “Lieutenant Reed, this is an introductory message to your new station. This is a temporary duty for an undetermined length of time. As chief MSORR of the Enterprise, your job is to coordinate C systems and crew aboard the ship…”

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