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Re: It is a Significant Assigment: Completed

It is A Significant Assignment
Chapter Six

“Got Him!”

The flash had cleared from the main screen on the USS Valiant. The cheers had not stopped on the bridge as quickly , until Captain Alain Louis called out to his comm officer:

“Secure from Action, all hands, Damage reports to weapons station, damage control teams are free. Great shooting commander, right on the money. Sandy, raise the Enterprise. Red, have you found her yet?”

“Sir, the Enterprise is in one piece, 450 million klicks from here. She’s a mess.”

“Got them sir, moving to them.”

“Good job, helm. Go to one hundred thousand kilometers from the Enterprise and hold.”

“Aye, sir.”

Mack looked at his shipmate from across the Auxiliary Bridge: “Chief, do we have anything at all?”

“No, sir, we are powerless. That last explosion did us in.”

“Then why aren’t we dead, chief?”

Valiant to Enterprise, please respond.”

“I’ll be damned.”

“Not today you won’t, chief. Call down and check on Lieutenant Kyle, I will introduce us to our 400 new best friends. Then I will kick your ass from here to the shuttle bay for not leaving the ship.”

“You will have to catch me first, sir.”

“Captain, I have the Enterprise, audio only.”

Valiant, this is Enterprise. I have a class 1 medical emergency on board. I need SAR, damage control and engineering teams, and a bridge crew. I also need a security team at our engineering cargo transporter room, and tell your med teams the agent is Anesticene gas. All personnel will need their own air supply, and teams should stage in engineering or in the main hall way on Deck Five next to our Auxiliary Bridge. We can help them from here .”

Already hearing his bridge crew at work in response to what they had heard, Alain simply asked: “What is your status, Enterprise?

“Frankly, I don’t know. We have lights and communications on the Aux Bridge, and very little else. Impulse drives are down, I think, and our defense capacity is shot too. We were dead without you guys. What is the status of the Klingon ship?”

“She is destroyed, Enterprise. She is what you ought to be. Now that I can get a word in edge-wise, who am I speaking to.”

Lieutenant Mack King, commanding USS Enterprise, ah, sir.”

After a moment of heavy silence, Alain responded, “See to your ship Lieutenant.”

Thank you, Captain. Enterprise out.”

“Chief, is John okay?”

“Yes, sir. Just a little woozy from a bump on the head.”

“John, this is Mack. Help is on the way, they should be beaming in now. Send them where they need to go.”

“Aye, sir.”

“Chief,” hearing the while of a transporter beaming in, deal with the SAR people, “use your best judgment as to where they go. I’ll deal with the rest.”

Running out the doors, Mack pointed the SAR people to Chief Mauer, and talked to Dr. Vermeille of the Valiant. “Doctor, there is a ventilation control room down this hall to the left about 25 doors, if you want to manipulate the environment start there. Bridge crew, here, please.”

Then out of the small mass of moving people came a short, powerful man with an air of command about him. The newcomers kept flowing down the halls to turbolifts, and a small group formed up behind him. “I am Cmdr. Katsuo Mamoru, first officer of the USS Valiant.

“Lieutenant Mack King of the Enterprise sir, welcome aboard. Like a tour?”

The next thing Leonard McCoy felt was something like a hypospray on his arm, but he wasn’t sick, or in his sick bay. Then he woke up and wondered who was hitting his head with an old-fashioned ice pick.

“Easy doctor, you were overcome by the anti-intruder gas on the ship. You will recover shortly.”

“Easy for you to say, young man, you are not wearing my head. Who in blazes are you anyway, and what is this soup on my head?”

“Bort Vermeille, CMO of the USS Valiant. Here’s a towel, we need you in sickbay. Hope your soup was good.”

Spock wondered why he was lying on the floor by his bridge station, no officer, or Vulcan should be found in such a compromising position. Trying to rise, he noticed a great discomfort in his head, and a lack of physical strength and coordination. Like he had ingested large amounts of human alcohol. He saw all the bridge stations were not working, and his science station did not respond to commands.

“Computer, ship’s status.”

“Computer, location of Enterprise.”

Finally giving up, it took four tries to hit the communications toggle on his main panel.

“Spock to Auxiliary Bridge.”

Commander, this Lt. King. Please do not try to move off the bridge, medical teams will be there in a moment.”

“Ship’s status, Lieutenant.”

We are currently accessing damage, sir. The ship is in need of some repair, and our crew is being cared for by the USS Valiant. It is a long story sir; please wait for help to arrive. King out.”

Captain Kirk stood up next to his chair, looked at Spock and grabbed his head: “Report, Spock,” he said in a very soft whisper. “What is going on?’

“I don’t know sir, but it sounds fascinating.” Kirk just stared at his first officer as the turbolift doors opened and a relief team of medical techs spread out over the Bridge.

“Attention All hands, this is Lieutenant King. All Enterprise personnel, remain where you are. Do not move until you have been seen by SAR personnel. SAR teams are combing the ship so you can get medical attention. If you are awake, contact sick bay and await orders. All available senior staff, please report to Briefing Room 2 by the Auxiliary Bridge in one hour. King out.”

“It is said that the longer a crew works together, the closer they grow together.” mused Mack to no one in particular.

“The room seems to prove it, Lieutenant,” a grinning Cmdr. Katsuo Mamoru replied, “except I hope they all don’t start looking like Jim Kirk. That is one ugly face he’s wearing.”

Most of the senior staff of the Enterprise was sitting in Briefing Room 2, and while they were a diverse lot, they were all holding their heads the same way—in their hands. Except for the real outlier of the group, Spock, who was wearing on his face what Mack could only describe as a silly, crooked grin as he slowly looked around the room. A most disturbing look for a Vulcan, at least to Mack’s eye.

Cmdr. Mamoru, wonder aloud, “Where are the doctors and your chief engineer?”

Mack spoke up, “Sir, the doctors should be here any minute with something for the crew, and it seems Mr. Scott is better off than most of the rest of us, and he is supervising repairs. I wish I knew how he could do it.”

“That, Lieutenant, is because he drinks Scotch, and has a liver that works overtime.” Doctors McCoy and Vermeille walked into the room with a tray of large cups of steaming liquid, and McCoy had a silly grin on his face too. Mack was going to say how much he smiled like Spock, but he knew that might get him spaced by either senior officer, so he kept his mouth shut.

“Bones, what is this?” croaked out Kirk, as everyone got a cup, including Spock.

“Jim, it is an antidote to the anti-intruder gas. The active ingredients are very effective for cleaning out the remains of the gas from your system. You will be feeling much better in a hour or so.”

“Bones, it smells like coffee.”

“That’s because it is coffee, with a few added items. And before you say it, don’t ask what else is in it.”

“But Vulcans don’t drink coffee, Bones.”

“He has green tea, Captain, and he will drink it, or I will post the pictures I’m taking of him right now all over the ship.”

“That would be something you would regret, doctor.” Spock did not seem without emotion in response to hearing that.

Kirk looked up as he first took a sip, and was able to put 2+2 together. “Doctor, are you telling us this gas has left my crew with a massive hangover?”

“In a word Jim, yes. It doesn’t affect Andorians that way, but because we got such a big dose of it the gas affected us in a way nobody expected.”

“So, Commander, my crew is plastered, my ship is blasted, and my brig is filled with Klingons. How long will this last.”

“Captain Kirk, Our guess is 24 to 36 hours on the repairs, and your crew should be up to normal efficiency in a few hours. We can stay here until you are ready to move on your own, and Captain Louis said you can use some of our repair people if needed as we head back to Earth for a refit.” Looking at Mack, he continued: “You have a fine crew captain, we are impressed.”

“Thank you Commander, for all the help. Now Lt. King, I believe you have something for my attention.”

“If you are ready, sir.”

Kirk nodded.

“Computer, this is Lt. Mack King, Helm Officer USS Enterprise, authorization Brown-24-Tribe-23-Roller. Route all command functions to the main bridge. Return all senior command functions to Captain James T. Kirk, commander, USS Enterprise.”

“Thank you Lieutenant. Dismissed.”
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