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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

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Yes. I have seen ALL of TNG (including the movies), The X-Men movies, and Scrooge, as well as this stupid YouTube clip of him talking about a script full of naked women. And sorry...but I just don't see the range.
The original Dune? In that movie Stewart was more the hard soldier type and I thought he played it great. Granted he was younger.

In TNG we've seen Stewart cry, lose his mind, fall in love, laugh out loud, it was all convincing to me.

PKTrekGirl wrote:
But those things are definitely NOT the same as "bad-ass" or "out of control". I just don't see him completely losing control convincingly - not in anything I've seen.
So you didn't like his performance in the TNG episode "Sarek"?

PKTrekGirl wrote:
And that STUPID YouTube skit I've seen of him talking about naked women in about every sentence. Completely unconvincing and made him look like a moron that was trying too hard to be funny.

But I said, your mileage may vary.

Yeah I don't really find Gervais or whatever funny at all, but that skit with Stewart I thought was hilarious.

Oh well, we all have different opinions, but to say Stewart is not a versatile actor, I don't think you'll find many that agree with you about that.
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