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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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While I agree that the infamous "dune buggy" sequence serves no point and has very little logic to it, I enjoy it as a fun scene.

Although, on the nitpicky side of things, why was Data wearing goggles and not Worf? Worf has actual eyes, Data doesn't.

If we go for a real world explanation, yes Brent Spiner has actual eyes and would therefore need goggles. But wouldn't Michael Dorn as well?
Probably stylistic choices, or they just didn't have the right gear to make a set of goggles for Worf that would look anything other than silly.

Protection for klingon eyes from dust and debris? I'm sure he'd reply with something in regards towards perhaps wearing a bicycle helmet and knee pads too.

He'd be mocked out of the Klingon Empire if he wore them.... in fact, he's lucky they didn't hear about him using a space suit in First Contact
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