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Re: TNG Caption This #163 - 'Not of the canon'

Troi: Captain, it is wise to familiarise yourself with the technical specifications, but don't you think you are overdoing it? You've been staring at the readouts for over an hour.

Picard: I guess you don't need to be an empath to tell that I'm nervous. (wryly) It's odd. I can face down a Romulan Warbird, a Cardassian battle cruiser, even a Borg cube, but this....this has me worried.

Troi: If you'd prefer someone else handled it...

Picard: No. I agreed to help you in this matter counsellor, you have my word. Still...(reading from screen) duralinium construction, tri-titanium coating, neutronium reinforcement, not too mention the size and and shape....tell me counsellor, why did you order this particular model?

Troi: It's like my mother always told me. Never settle for second best when buying pegging equipment.
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