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Re: I, Borg and Descent

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I Borg was pretty good. Descent was the start of the defanging of the Borg. FC, though very enjoyable, made a mistake in coming up with the Queen. VOY had to clean up the mess left by FC, so it wasn't entirely their fault. Scorpion was the best Borg episode since BOBW, in my opinion.
I disagree. Lore's rogue Borg weren't part of the collective, so they did nothing to "de-fang" the Borg. And FC didn't leave a mess; it introduced and offed the queen in one motion. It would not be at all difficult at all to find an explanation for why the Queen survived BOBW but not FC.

I do agree that Scorpion was awesome, though. One of those rare VOY eps that really knocked it out of the park.
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