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Re: Should There Be A Blu Ray Of The Animaited Series?

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bringing in William Campbell and Michael Pataki to record the dialogue for Koloth and Korax (sorry, George).
No disrespect, but those men are both getting on in years, and their voices aren't likely to be anywhere near the same (Campbell is in his 80's, Pataki is 71).
Here is a good example:
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Special Edition

DVD release May 31st, 2004
The version presented on MGM's new special edition DVD is the recently restored cut that includes 18 minutes of footage from the original Italian premiere version that was later cut for North American distribution. As no English track had ever been created for these extra minutes, Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach returned to the recording studio to recreate their lines. Another actor voiced Lee Van Cleef's lines as he had already passed away.

These scenes were originally only available in the Italian-language dub, so actors Eastwood and Wallach came in to loop their lines, [in 2002] and actor Simon Prescott provided a good vocal impression of the late Lee Van Cleef. The additional dialogue recording (ADR) is, for the most part, seamlessly integrated, and Eastwood sounds virtually unchanged. Wallach, portraying the talkative Tuco, had the most lines to loop and sounded the most changed, but it works in the final product well enough.

You can totally hear how Eli Wallach's voice changed in those scenes. Yes it is ADR'd but so it ALL of the English dialogue!
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