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Re: DS9 Avatar Contest 118


Yes, it was a human colony Sisko attacked. So why this? Remember, the Maquis are settling on planets claimed by the Cardassians and ceded to them by treaty! AND what's the point of a DMZ if someone's setting off WMDs in it? How Sisko did NOT have this happen, I don't know. So now I'm setting it right, because as much as I normally like Sisko, the lack of fallout from this episode is one of my biggest Trek pet peeves.

(The Cardassian text is, of course, English in Cardassian characters. The top part says, "WANTED, BENJAMIN SISKO." The bottom part reveals where this poster really came says "Guilty by order of Dukat." )


My favorite episode is "Ties of Blood and Water." And this avatar says it all. The quote is not mine--I found it, but it's SO perfect.

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