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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

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(If it's just a matter of not liking the performance as much, I can understand that; Schwarzenegger is pretty one-note as Freeze.)
Well that is what I meant. They turned Bane into a bodyguard flunky. Batgirl, was wrong in every way you can imagine. Mr. Freeze actually turned out to be a different kind of bad guy which was different.

I mean you can't get mad about Batman villians, that is what they do even on the loved BTAS. The Joker is in it for laughs, Poison Ivy for the plants, Mr. Freeze deals out cold vengeance, The Riddler wants everyone to know he is smarter than they are, and the list goes on.
I still think that on paper, in theory that there was nothing wrong with casting Uma Thurman and Arnie as the bad guys. It's just that something went wretchedly awry with the writing, more or less.
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