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Ok, a quick author note to the reader: Thanks first for all who continue to read my story. I hope it can be a satisfying read.

Sorry to be so long in posting new chapters. Some chapters are easier than others to write, and I promise you, the next ones were quite challenging for me. Difficult, actually. A year of procrastination difficult.

I've been working on this book more. I'm back up to several chapters per week on this. One per day is the ideal. I can only write one book at a time, and this is it for now. As some of you know I'm now a full time writer (yay), and once this book is finished I will be working on an original novel for publishing, a romantic comedy called Alien Love Child.

I'm going to add a chapter or two at a time. I want to say that since Sleeping at Warp will hopefully be a full length novel (around 90,000 words or 300+ pages), I reserve the right to make changes. Problem is, the forum doesn't let you make edits past a certain time.

So that means, in this thread, I'll post the chapters as I write them, listen to any feedback, and then when I'm through it all, I will post the full (revised?) novel somewhere in whole, perhaps as a free PDF download with a nice layout, which reads a lot more like a real book. So just keep in mind this thread is a working draft, a work in progress!

If you like it, subscribe to the thread so you can get alerts when I update it.

This book is just another Trek story, but it's important to me. So I hope you will like it. Feel free to comment or give feedback. Thank you one and all.

Frank (Triskelion)

The new working cover art:


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