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Re: Second time for "Serenity"... and ran right into the huge plot hol

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Well, it wasn't so much an "atmospheric gas" - it was a psychotropic drug distributed through the planet's atmospheric systems. Best guess is that they didn't know all of its side-effects, obviously - what if it also adjusts the body's production of, and sensitivity to, pheromones? Perhaps as part of the pacification, intended or not, the body produced specific pheromones that would promote peacefulness amongst the group, but in the Reavers' case, it created a 'pack scent,' so they can recognize one another and cooperate, but are excited to aggression by the pheromones of the 'sheep,' or at least by the lack of a pack scent?
Well, the Pax seems to actually make Bushwhacked make more sense to me at any rate. I never bought the explanation that the survivor went crazy and started acting like a Reaver because of the horrors he saw and always figured that there must be a bit more to it. Given that it's Joss Whedon and the Reavers were Firefly's horror movie monsters, I can accept it in that context and don't require any more explanation than I did for how someone becomes a vampire by drinking a vampire's blood.
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