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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

I loved Batman Forever when I saw it during it's release...except for the nipples and Chris O'Donnell as Robin. Everyone has done a pretty good job at relating what is wrong with this movie. I don't especially mind that Schumaker decided to return to the campy 60's style Batman but I think he could have it better. What are some of the things I don't like about Forever?

1. Chris O'Donnell as Dick Grayson/Robin: I have nothing against the actor, my beef happens to be they decided to make Dick older, I think he was 17 or 18. Why the fuck would Bruce Wayne decide to adapt a 17 year old when he will probably end up leaving in a couple of years anyways. Dick should have been 13 or 14 and maybe gone with an unknown in the role. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it again...Dark Victory does an excellent job of handling the Robin origin. It's dark and moody. Dick is scared and frustrated when he's brought to the mansion. Wonders why Bruce is always gone and abandoned him when he needs someone to talk to...Alfred's fine but Bruce has gone through the same thing. Then he finds the Cave and everything changes. Robin handled correctly could bring a new dynamic to movie Bruce Wayne, force him to adapt and accept the responsibly of being a father.

2. Two Face: They cast someone like Tommy Lee Jones, an excellent actor who can easily do straight up drama and turn a tragic and angry character like Harvey Dent into a comedic farce! I didn't mind the overplaying of the split personality...mostly because we get to see a hot Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar! The best part of all of Tommy's appearances in the film is when they show Bruce watching video footage of Harvey getting scarred. You can actually see Val trying to be emotional in that scene.

3. Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Ugh. Too bad Michael Keaton left the role...I thought he was tremendous as Bruce/Batman. Val was very wooden as some have stated. He has some moments as Bruce...but I didn't buy him as the character.

4. The Riddler: Over the top to the max. I liked him as Edward Nigma and his jealous of Bruce Wayne after Bruce rejects his project. Nigma was more deeper a character than Riddler was. JOYGASM basically explains my beef with the character

5. Batmobile....why was it necessary to change the look of the Batmobile? I loved the updated Batwing but hated the Batmobile.
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