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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

Well, we got a decent space battle again, that's a plus, for one....FINALLY Will and Deanna tie the knot, as was meant to be....and as prior mentioned, always loving the Big Enterprise -E...takes a licking, keeps on ticking...after oh, a wee refit at home...Data dying..nope. Even if Brent felt he'd aged out of the part...Will got to kick some Reman posterior....I found Shinzon a decent villain....the cloning concept, while in the real-world is morally improper to me, and many ethicists, does rather work for part of the plot-and which I had some thoughts as to precisely who came up with that particular plan...and would be fitting, at least to me...the Scimitar is about as big and bad as you can get....and it was intriguing to see both the Senate, and the near-neighbor planet and what truly goes on there...Back to Data, at least in B-4, a chance the clever comic writers of the 'ST' prequel series came up with a way for him to re-emerge....
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