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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Count Zero

Now what makes you think this isn't going to end well...


So you think either the Death Star or Palpatine crushing a sun with his fingers... I have to admit I like that second option better!!!

USS Avenger

I look forward to what you think of who the eventual apprentice is along with what has made Corellia go silent


You're most welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.


Ah the Death Star... Should I make it that easy...

The Badger

Wow, thanks so much. I'm so flattered that you think this ranks with published fiction. Any writer wants to hear that, but especially since my dream is to be published eventually! So thanks!!!

Admiral Young

Thanks so much for your comment, so glad to know you're enjoying this! It is flattering to know that this comes across as real and that this alternate universe works for you.

Sun Crusher? Now there is an idea!

Thanks to you all for your comments. More tomorrow I hope!

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