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Re: VOY Greatest Contributions

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You're also forgetting Voyager was followed by Enterprise.
No, I'm not. The first three seasons of Enterprise may as well have just been a continuation of the shoddy writing of Voyager - and by the time Coto started turning the show around, into something a Trek fan could really enjoy and be proud of, it was too late.

Reboots are a trend, you're right - but generally only when the source material can't be worked with anymore. Hollywood loves sequels, too. But the TOS crew that is still alive is too old, the TNG crew is done (in more than one way), it would be hard to make a movie - with all of the stars - pick up from the way DS9 ended, and Enterprise ended with its stupid "valentine to the fans". So that would leave Voyager to make movies from, and I just can't see that happening. Can you? I don't mean, "can you imagine a plot?" I mean, can you see people going to see it?
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