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Re: Blackest Night Disussion Thread (Spoilers)

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So why, after all these countless millenia that the Green Lanterns have existed, have all these different colored rings and batteries cropped up within a couple of years? Especially ones with dubiously linked emotions. I mean greed? Really?

Yellow made a lot of sense overall, sure, but all these others? I realize there was a split by the Guardians and there's apparently some chick Guardians out there, but why now? And why so many goofy concepts? I mean seriously, this greed one is just baffling me alone.

And if the Guardians were so uber-powerful as to create the universe's most uber-powerful weapon, why are these solo renegade types able to do the same and become a viable threat?
You're baffled by greed? Hell, I'm baffled at how "will power" is considered an emotion!!

Also, when Black Lanterns scan people, you see an aura around them with a word that describes an emotion. This is done inconsistently as well. Is it the emotion they're feeling at the moment? Is it the emotion they're most capable of generating in others? What? It seems to be the first option as that's why the BL's are tormenting their victims.

But when they scan Sinestro, it shows him yellow and says "fear". Except Sinestro, especially after all the ass kicking he's done, doesn't look like anyone who's even remotely afraid. He's the most confident guy in the damn book!

Sadly, for Hal, Sinestro is a far far far more interesting character and I'm reading Hal's book mainly to see what Sinestro's doing.
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