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Re: next Trek series pilot in cinemas as double feature from Paramount

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I think the general public had decided that they have had enough of star trek.
The general public doesn't think anything about Star Trek when they aren't actually watching it. Only we do.
Nope, he's right - the other time the general public thinks about Trek is when they see an ad for it...and the reaction that marketing has to get past at this point is "oh, that old shit again." Abrams has done a lot to rehabilitate it, but there's a long distance from a successful film to attracting a sizeable audience to a TV series week after week for years.
Who are you saying is right?? Dennis or Temis? I think they both make valid points - I also think TV series' which begin with a theatre feature are too risky for studios. It's a lot of bad exposure when they fail.

Anyway, take Abrams-Trek as a prime example. If it was so successful and made many Joe Six-Packs and Trekkers alike pine (pun intended) for more of the same, why didn't they turn that Trek into a new TV series?

And of course, not 24 episodes per season where the quality would suffer. I mean a budget-heavy 12 or even 6 episode miniseries, to air on a major network. Trek was always meant to have an episodic flavor. How many Abrams-Trek films are we expected to get? By the third the audiences will be dwindling no matter how good it is.
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