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Re: next Trek series pilot in cinemas as double feature from Paramount

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it doesn't seem wise to play your television-budgeted pilot immediately after a blockbuster-movie-budgeted blockbuster movie. Wouldn't that be a bit like having Aerosmith open for your garage band? Talk about an underwhelming first impression.
point taken. So much for the olden days of a double feature and a cartoon all on a cinema bill...

I think though with the proliferation of digital projection by 2011 that CBS Home video would try something with the pilot in advance like they did with TOS "The Menagerie" in 2007 in cinemas for 2 nights only to paying cinemagoeers.
I would pay $12.50 (current NYC cinema ticket prices) to go see series 6 Trek pilot in the cinema a month or 2 in advance but not $25.00 .
I would pay them $12.50 to keep TREK off the air forever...MOVIES only. Going back to TV, again, would be the wrong thing to do, with, I repeat again, over 600+ TV hours to view already...TOO MUCH Trek is what got them to where they were. And this is according to pretty much everyone from every generaton of shows, and producers too..

Keeping Star Trek off of TV would be a mistake... TNG and TOS were at their best there, IMO.

What the producers need to be able to do is to shoot themselves in the head if they think about making assloads of spinoffs in a row.
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