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Re: TNG Caption This #163 - 'Not of the canon'

Troi: Now click on "file", "New Tab" -
Picard: Which file?
Troi: The word file. Then "New Tab" -
Picard: It's not working!
Troi: You have to release the button -
Picard: Oh blast! Why does it keep beeping?
Troi: Stop clicking it! First you have to escape the pop up box.
Picard: Nothing's happening! Hello? Computer? Compuuuuter??
Troi <taps communicator>: Troi to Commander Data. Would you come to the Captain's quarters, please? I have a job uniquely suited to your talents.
Data: Sorry Counselor, I'd rather walk through a half million amp arc of electricity and have Commander Riker remove my head again.

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