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Re: J.J. Abrams Says Returning To Superman 'Would Be A Blast'

While I agree a Superman movie should be about more than hitting things, I agree it's high time we started delving a little deeper into his rogues gallery. There's more than just Lex Luthor, you know.

The other problem the previous movies had is that they only really had 2 ideas for how to challenge Superman. They either used Kryptonite (Superman: The Movie, Superman III, Superman Returns) or they created a villain that had exactly the same powers as Superman (General Zod & co. in Superman II, the evil twin created from Kryptonite contaminated with tar in Superman III, Nuclear Man in Superman IV).

Regardless of what else happens in the new film, I hope that they bring back Brandon Routh. He was good and deserves a 2nd chance. I'd hate it if he became the Superman equivalent of George Lazenby.

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Wait, what? When was he involved with Superman before? Are they just talking about a screenplay?
He wrote a draft of a screenplay about seven years ago, but it never got further than that. This was after Tim Burton's Superman Lives attempt, but I think before rumors of Superman/Batman began circulating.
Actually, the J.J. Abrams movie came after Batman vs. Superman. The way I heard it, Wolfgang Petersen was all set to direct Batman vs. Superman based on a script by Andrew Kevin Walker. Then, just when they were about to start production on it, Warner Bros. instead announced that Petersen's next movie would be Troy. Supposedly, the behind the scenes reason for this switch was because some Warner Bros. executives read the Abrams script & loved it. Thus, they felt that the Abrams script would be the best way to reintroduce Superman to the big screen. (Particularly since one of the criticisms of the Batman vs. Superman script was that it was basically a Batman movie that just happened to have Superman in it.)

However, one of the reviewers at AICN got ahold of the Abrams script and made a big stink about all of its big departures from the Superman mythos. (Krypton doesn't explode but is merely conquered by an evil warlord named Ty-Zor. Lex Luthor is an FBI agent. Lex Luthor is a Kryptonian.) Warner Bros. put the brakes on the Abrams' version, although I think at least some of it was used as the basis for the Superman film that McG & Brett Ratner were working on before Bryan Singer came along with his completely new concept to revive the Donner-verse.
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