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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I've waited this long, I can wait longer. While there are many fine fan productions out there, this is "mine" for lack of a better term. To clarify, this one captures what I as a fan want to see.....a classic Trek show that takes place on a different Constitution Class ship that feels like it was a spin-off around season 3 of ST. Stylisitically, it captures that feel better than ANYONE else in the game.

And for what it's worth to all involved with Exeter.....For my three nephews, Exeter was their first introduction to the world of Star Trek. And for awhile, before they became Star Wars junkies thanks to Clone Wars, anytime I'd show up, they'd beg to see "the coolest spaceship...EVER" (They don't know that there are different ships, and describing the Enterprise thusly was the way I got them to watch some VFX).

To my surprise, they actually preffered the "pink lizard man" to the "green lizard man".
And they wanted to watch him over and over and over and over LOL! They preferred Exeter to the original show. Once the last act is out, I'll revisit it with them. Hopefully by then this Star Wars thing'll have died down.

Glad you guys are making quality job 1.
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