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Re: Blackest Night Disussion Thread (Spoilers)

My feelings haven't changed at all. It's moving too slow, has been predictable in every conceivable way, and I'm just sick of the way the Hal and Barry bromance is being shoved down everyone's throat and then some. Sorry Geoff, I read these guys as kids and you're not going to convince me they're the end all be all of comic characters, especially since their replacements had more character in one year than they did in thirty some odd years of publication. They still do.

And what should have been a relatively contained series is now becoming a big bloated mess. Doom Patrol apparently was still on my pull list from the Byrne days (ugh) and it adds nothing to either story and feels like the forced story that most crossovers do.

As for the "reveal" at the end of issue 4......again, having read the original series that this is basically a remake first thought upon reading the first BN related article was that it was going to be Nekron. Mainly because Geoff Johns went from being an excellent writer who was forward looking, when he was writing Flash and JSA, to an Event Writer who wallows in nostalgic bullshit with a heavy dose of fan wank (see Legion Of Three Worlds) It's getting older and staler by the minute.
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