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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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First Contact had him (somewhat uncharacteristically, for both him and Picard) leading the Away Team assigned to the Phoenix
I think the original draft had Picard on the surface and Riker on the ship, but Patrick Stewart intervened.
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I assumed Riker not being in on that action in First Contact and Insurrection was a result of Frakes directing the movies. Especially with First Contact, since I'm pretty sure that was the first movie he ever directed.
Yeah, if I recall correctly, both of these are true, hence the comment about all factors being understandable. If the final script stayed closer to the original, then the bulk of the movie's forward momentum would have depended on Picard the Well-Renowned History Buff leading the Away Team mission while Action Hero Riker Vs. Borg Queen would have been the subplot. With Picard (the larger character) doing all the heavy action scenes, suddenly that was the main plot.

And I believe that when Stewart suggested that Riker and Picard change places, that Frakes happily accepted that because it would free him up to concentrate more on direction.

Ultimately, what we get is the beginning of Picard the action hero and Riker taking the backseat, both for a change, and while they might have been detrimental moves for future TNG films, they were played to very excellent effect in First Contact (for some reason ).
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