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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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*Miranda Kadohata-Stephanie Jacobsen

The girl from BSG:Razor who is of mixed ancestry, and Australian. I believe they have her picture on Memory Beta as an idea for the character anyhow...
She's a good choice for Kadohata (if maybe too young), but she also seems much like I picture Prynn Tenmei.

I like a lot of David Mack's choices for the Vanguard characters. (I see a few differently, though.)

Diego Reyes - Edward James Olmos
Rana Dasai - Parminder Nagra
Dr. Fisher - Morgan Freeman
Cervantes Quinn - Stanley Adams
Ming Xiong - Jet Li
Lurqual - Katherine Heigel
Ganz - Ving Rhames
Oriano D'Amato - Monica Belucci
Atish Khatami - Catherine Bell
Aledard Nassir - Ben Kingsley
Vanessa Theriault - Molly Quinn (in a few years)

I have a very specific image of Zhao Sheng in mind, but don't know of an actor who fits it - something along the lines of Chow Yun Fat crossed with Brad Pitt, but less handsome (and slightly gray at the temples).

A new photoshop of Chaves-Jacobsen as Kadohata (except the rank, it could as easily be Tenmei).

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