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Re: next Trek series pilot in cinemas as double feature from Paramount

I think the general public had decided that they have had enough of star trek.
The general public doesn't think anything about Star Trek when they aren't actually watching it. Only we do. The general public will go see a Trek movie if it gets good reviews and word of mouth and actually seems like the cool thing to do. Then they forget about it ten seconds later and think about Transformers or Harry Potter or what they're going to have for lunch. They'd see a TV show on the same basis. But they wouldn't miss or think about Trek if it wasn't being shoved in their face.

Anyone who wants to make $$$ off Trek on TV just needs to do what Abrams did with the movie. 1) create something worth watching. 2) shove it in everyone's face. Pretty much what Transformers and Harry Potter and everything else does. (Well, maybe Transformers doesn't bother too much with point #1.)

Why don't people bitch their heads off about "oversaturation" for everything except Trek? How many frakkin Saw movies have there been anyway?
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