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Re: Favorite fan-made music videos?

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I found two decent DS9 videos on Youtube. One to Johnny Cash's "Hurt" (before anyone points it out I know it's a cover). The other with VNV Nation's "Endless Sky" that covered Sisko's journey as the Emissary.
I know the latter:

but I really can't find the one set to Cash's "Hurt".

There is one set to Christina Aguilera's song called "Hurt" lame song, but nice video about Ziyal.

A few other DS9 videos I like include:

Garak: Obsidian Order Man - very fun video

With or Without You (Odo/Kira)

This one is really great:
Gul Dukat: The End Has Come - the author has bravely incorporated the Pah-wraiths storyline... you might have already know from my 100 rants that I despise the storyline, but the video is pretty good and almost manages to make sense out of it.

The Pah-wraiths are still more suitable to make fun of, as in this funny video:
Ring of Fire Caves:

Another one, by the same author, was even funnier: Strange Bedfellows: but unfortunately the music track ("Strangers in the Night" by Frank Sinatra) has been disabled by Youtube Just play "Strangers in the Night" over it, and it becomes really hilarious - especially the line "something in your eyes was so exciting..." (guess which scene that was set to...)

My favorite Star Trek fanvideo is
Make This Go On Forever - - about Spock from both realities, Prime and Alternate - with clips from ST09 as well as TOS and TWOK, set to the Snow Patrol song. (Make sure you read the description!)

Another really good one about Spock - this time about TUC and Spock/Valeris:
Hallelujah -

And I have to include the one about Spock and women (not just romance... women in general) set to Interpol.
Spock and the ladies

I used to have a bunch of great BSG videos in my Favorites, but most of them seemed to be taken down.
They included a Baltar video set to Muse "Mao of the Problematique", Helo video set to the same song (it is still on YT, but YT forced the author to change the song to something stupid), a Baltar/Six video set to "One Caress" by Depeche Mode, a Baltar video set to "The Great Below" by Nine Inch Nails, a Starbuck video with clips from "Maelstrom" set to "Give Me Strength" by Over the Rhine and another one with the same theme set to "Home" by Depeche Mode, two different Boomer/Chief videos set to "Missing" by Evanescence, a video about Baltar's trial set to "Walking In My Shoes" by Depeche Mode (which I gave the idea to my YT friend for, and he made a really good video... I haven't made any of my own yet, but I will)...

Here are a few that have survived:

Our Enemies, Ourselves

Broken Toy (Saul Tigh/Ellen)

Battlestar Galactica and "dance with the devil"

Sleeping with Ghosts - Baltar/Six (and Placebo)

The Guilt of Those Who Ran (basically Lee's speech at the trial, but well edited)

other shows:

La Femme Nikita fanvideo: Eden - Nikita and Madeline (NOT femslash!)

Haunted (Xena/Ares) - - two guilty pleasures merged into one, Xena the Warrior Princess and Evanescence

Heroes: Disarm (Sylar/Elle)

There was a really fun video about Sylar set to "In the Dark of the Night", but I can't find it anymore - I guess it has been taken down, too.

and... prepare yourself for the best video ever...

John Locke's Secret Mr Clean's commercial!!

here's the sequel!

and the final one:
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