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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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*BUT one thing about the Picard/Data scene that really bugs me is the emphasis on Data acting like he's still in the middle of the series's run. I guess that was Spiner's choice to pretend the emotion chip never existed, but the big-time character regression Data showed in the movie is one of its major problems IMO. As good as this scene's dialogue is, it had a strong feeling of "been there, done that" to it, kind of like Geordi re-explaining humor for the umpteenth time after Data pushed the poor doctor into the holo-ocean during Worf's promotion back in Generations.
That was an aspect of the last two TNG films that bugged me. It apparent in INS, this Data-regression syndrome, as well as NEM. I think it may have been done for the benefit of the general audience, but I had the same impression: that Data was suddenly back around S3 or something.
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