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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

whats up fellow star trekkians ... im Sycho W. Nosk.. and the W. stands for "gettin paid"
yea! im a startrekkalo from the south west side, and i love the next gen! i grew up on it and got my first phaser before i knew how to crawl! i usually post random stuff and nonsence to amuse myself... but on occasion i will drop in an intellectual nuggit of awsomeness straight up into your brain hole! ... im sort of new here, thoe i have been commin to the bbs for years under different names... but i usually screw up, start cussin and they deelete my threads< lmao.. its all in good fun i sware! i beleave in two things.. the constatution/ ammendments and Gene's view of the future... and with those 2 things i believe that you humans will be trekkin the stars on dayton rims in no time!
I aspire sir, to be more than I am
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