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Re: What Trek do you own on DVD?

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not really interested in Trek XI why what is your problem with it
Flattering as it is to singled-out for your attention... What does my opinion of it matter to you? You can view any of my heart felt posts defending everything the 2009 movie abandoned, or destroyed such as Vulcan for instance.

You should be happy. I've been a fan for most of my life and I'm nearing the end now. It's all out there for you from now on. Star Trek 2009 will be the most popular DVD this Christmas, just like it was one of this year's most successful films. It'll lead to even more of the same to come. Proving nobody needs a continuation of my Star Trek Universe on television or on film no more. What do I mean by that? A series that takes place after ENT but before TOS... free from Nero's damage. Or likewise where TNG/DS9/VOY left off... There's only the Abramsverse of worth to most people, as I'm continually brow beaten into believing.

See also OmahaStar's description of my favourite show as "ST:Abomination". I don't feel the need to counter his view of Enterprise because I'm comfortable with other people disliking what I obviously have a lot of time for. Why should you, I, he or anybody care quite frankly?
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