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Re: What Trek do you own on DVD?

Region 1 US/Canada

Star Trek: Remastered - All three seasons

Star Trek: The Motion Pictures DVD Collection Box-set - The Motion Picture through Nemesis - 2 disc Collector's Editions

Star Trek: The Next Generation - 20th Anniversary Box-set - All seven seasons in green packaging with bonus disc.

Star Trek: Alternate Realities Collective

Region 2 UK/Europe

Star Trek: Enterprise - All four seasons
- 2005 release hard plastic shells, contained with a silver cardboard crate with NX-01 mission patch on top.
- 2008 slimline card case releases

Star Trek: The Original Series - All three seasons
- 2004 release hard plastic shells: yellow, blue & red

Star Trek: The Animated Series
- 2008 release hard plastic shell: white & orange

Star Trek: DVD Movies Collection
-2002 release containing single discs The Motion Picture through Insurrection, plus Nemesis CD-Rom promo.

Star Trek: Nemesis
-2003 single disc with outer slipcase

Star Trek: The Next Generation TV Movies Box-set
-2003 release hard plastic shell: black & red
containing 10 two-parters edited into feature length.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
- 2006 slimline card case releases

Star Trek: Voyager
- 2007 slimline card case releases

Fan Collectives -
Borg, Time Travel, Q, Klingon, Captain's Log

I've owned virtually all the releases at one point or another, but sold on those earlier TNG/DS9/VOY hard cases. The current line-up is pretty much on one shelf.

Pre-ordered the first 10 films in a Blu-ray box-set. I'll pass on the 2009 movie for now.

Biding my time with TOS Remastered on the format. Skipping the individual season releases, waiting for that eventual complete series box-set.

Enterprise in 1080p is at the top of my wanted list... It was broadcast in HD from Season 3 and filmed digitally for my favourite ever season of Star Trek.
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