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Re: The Captain is never my favorite

TOS: I love Kirk, he was a package deal. Love the back story built for him at the starfleet museum site.

TNG: Patrick Stewart is the best actor, both Worf and Data grew the most. The longer we saw Worf, in both TNG and DS9, the more interesting he became. There as something about Riker in the first season, like he just might push Picard out the airlock.

DS9: Sisko just came off as a ass. Continuation of Worf being best. The relationship between Odo and Kira was nice.

VOY: Kes in the begining, I felt she was a strong presense on board. Later Seven, like Data she grew and changed. I see Janeway as someone who was experiencing psychological problems from the stress she was under, this accounts for her inconsistency.

ENT: For me ENT was always about Tucker and T'Pol. Their relationship and watching it grow - that was the A story, that weeks episode was the B story. I don't dislike Archer as much as some, in my eyes he's suppost to be incompetent, viewed as that viewpoint the character makes perfect sense.

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